Kunsthal Extra City exhibits contemporary visual art in a welcoming and unique setting. As a middle-sized, Antwerp-based art organisation, they are firmly rooted in Belgium’s artistic ecosystem and offer a hub where artists, art lovers and city residents can come together. With an open gaze, intentional decision-making and attention for the artist, Kunsthal Extra City develops relevant and challenging exhibitions that serve to complement the activities of other arts organisations.

Platform 0090 is a sustainable international platform – a workshop and hub for research, creation, residency, production and presentation of trans-disciplinary art with attention for interspaces and hybridity. It accompanies a group artists in their innovative and contemporary artistic process and plays an active intermediary and service role in multidisciplinary art processes.

M HKA is a museum for contemporary art, film and visual culture in its widest sense. It is an open place of encounter for art, artists and the public. The M HKA aspires to play a leading role in Flanders and to extend its international profile by building upon Antwerp’s avant-garde tradition. The M HKA bridges the relationship between artistic questions and wider societal issues, between the international and the regional, artists and public, tradition and innovation, reflection and presentation. Central here is the museum’s collection with its ongoing acquisitions, as well as related areas of management and research.

Kunst/Werk is a structurally funded organization for dance. It embodies a professional and human space in which different dance practices can develop, with respect to the unique character and ambition of each one. The oeuvre of choreographer Marc Vanrunxt is central to these contemporary dance creations, performances and research.

ChampdAction is a professional and interdisciplinary development and production platform for artists that resides and works in the ChampdAction.Studio in deSingel in Antwerp. The focus of the current operation of ChampdAction is on the creation and development process of an ever-growing group of artists who, based on (experimental) music, interact with other disciplines – video art, visual arts, dance, etc. – a development trajectory and/or a to develop a creative project.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts – In Situ³ is a multifaceted, multidisciplinary course of study. It is based on two principles: a specific situation and an individual approach. You will investigate different locations, their historical, social and aesthetic contexts and then experiment with various materials and techniques in order to respond as an artist to the given circumstances.