Raphael Malfliet & Maarten Buyl


GOVERNORS is an installation and sound performance in which Maarten Buyl and Raphael Malfliet share an active and collective listening practice with an audience through acoustic feedback. In doing so they aim to, from the perspective of a sound artist, open up and share the role that the act of listening takes in their work. The choice to use feedback can be linked back to embracing apparent unpredictability with which sound unfolds over time in relation to a space, movement and material.

Composer and sound designer Maarten Buyl (BE) studied music theory, analysis, composition, electronic music and music technology at the conservatories of Brussels and Antwerp. Since 2011 he has been a sound engineer at Opera/Ballet Vlaanderen. In an ongoing series of instrumental and electronic compositions, Buyl investigates alternating spectral correlations in the parametric and audible sound domain. He also makes sound designs and recordings for contemporary dance, music, theatre and opera productions in various collaborations and was artist in residence at ChampdAction.

Raphael Malfliet (BE) is an experimental electric bass player, composer and sound artist based in Antwerp. He studied jazz and composition at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. In his work, which contains electronics, improvisation and field recordings, Malfliet investigates recognition of sound in relation to our sense of place. He has released his works on multiple albums and has been active in various interdisciplinary constellations working with choreographers and performers.