Nick Steur


Two white marble stones dance towards their inevitable collision.

Most “single” stars in the night sky consist of two or more entities orbiting each other. Because of our distance from those celestial bodies, we only see them as a single point of light, as if they were one. However, as we get closer, we can observe multiple celestial bodies condemned to each other’s attraction…

If we are indeed stardust, how do we dance around each other?

Nick Steur (Nijmegen, 1982) is a Dutch artist working from Brussels. Since graduating in 2011 from the Institute for Performative Arts in Maastricht, his works have been shown in museums such as M HKA and Middelheimmuseum, Bozar and Kanal Centre Pompidou in Brussels and international arts festivals like Spring Utrecht, Lift London, Adelaide and Edinburgh festival. Steur won several prizes and is currently supported by SoAP Maastricht, In Situ European Network, Workspace Brussels, C-Takt and the Performing Arts Fund in the Netherlands.