Marc Vanrunxt & Kevin Fay

Forever’s gonna start tonight

For the sixth edition of The Image Generator, choreographer Marc Vanrunxt is once again collaborating with dancer Kevin Fay. The title of this new collaboration, Forever’s gonna start tonight, doesn’t reveal an exact moment in time yet. The location, on the other hand, is set. Vanrunxt and Fay want to explicitly position themselves in Marcin Dudek’s current exhibition The Group in which this year’s festival will take place. How can we physically relate to the bursts of energy and violence on display? How can we get into this?

Marc Vanrunxt is a choreographer and dancer. He explores the limits of dance as a medium and choreography as a language, taking into account the body’s possibilities. In his work, he tries to redefine concepts such as time, space, energy and presence. Vanrunxt’s oeuvre works around contradictions such as visible/invisible and tangible/invisible. His artistic vocabulary finds its roots in the punk movement and abstract expressionism.

Kevin Fay​ was born and raised in Maryland near Washington, D.C. Kevin moved to Brussels in 2016 and has worked from there so far with Eleanor Bauer and Chris Peck, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, Fabrice Samyn, Manon Santkin, and Adrian Kurth, with La Monnaie/De Munt and with Veli Lehtovaara. Kevin also studies voice with Fabienne Seveillac and works independently as a writer, editor, and transcriber with Engagement, State of the Arts, and Sarma. He has collaborated with Marc Vanrunxt – Kunst/Werk since 2019 on such creations as Drawings, Adagio, and a previous edition of The Image Generator in 2021.