Kinga Jaczewsa, Anne-Lene Noldner & Maise Woodford

Dry Dances (practices)

Dry Dances (practices) starts from Kinga Jaczewska’s interest in brutalist architecture. While researching this architectural genre, she created a series of drawings based on the work of the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier which she now approaches as choreographic scores.  As an additional layer to the physical translation of the scores, Dry Dances aims to explore Le Corbusier’s own devised system of measurements and proportions: The Modular. With its ambition to reconcile maths, the human form, architecture and beauty into a single system, the Modular placed a 183 cm tall, attractive male body at the centre of all architectural compositions of Le Corbusier in order to achieve harmony. While introducing this system, Le Corbusier consciously excluded measurements of female and children’s bodies as he considered them to be a source of disproportion and disharmony.

Kinga Jaczewska is a Polish-Belgian artist based in Antwerp. Her work questions and examines commonly practised logics and mechanisms of visibility. With her work she intends to give form and bring focus to what is overlooked, rendered invisible or merely seen as a background to more significant events. Jaczewska is active in the field of performing and visual arts.