Anna Raimondo


After having collected the encouragements of women of several ages, origins, and sexual and religious backgrounds, the artist walks through the Brussels’ public spaces and uses these texts for an imaginary conversation at her cell phone. In so doing, she embodies a form of women’s solidarity, contaminating the urban space with personal and plural experiences.

“Anna Raimondo (IT) lives and works in Brussels. She uses voice and listening as a platform for encounter, collaboration and exchange as tools for the diffraction of identity. Questioning the limits between private and public, between genders and their connotations, she activates or deconstructs cultural practices to play with and fluidify the notions of identity and subjectivity” (Elena Biserna).

Raimondo completed an MA in Sound Arts at the LCC in London and runs a practice-based Phd between ARBA and ULB University in Brussels: “New genders of listening: voices, silences, bodies and territories”. She has participated in several international solo and collective exhibitions including: “Nasi per l’arte” at Palazzo Merulana (It); “Sound without music” at Casino Forum d’Art Contemporain at Luxemburg (L); “Biennale Nova” at The Centre Wallonie Bruxelles International in Paris (FR); “Fluxus” at Hangar Bicocca in Milan (IT); “Brussels Universelle” at Centrale for Contempory Art (BE).