Zhana Ivanova (BG/GB/NL)

Borrowed Splendour

Three participants enact a pre-scripted situation: a short encounter between two men and a woman. They have not rehearsed and have no previous knowledge of what they are supposed to do. They are guided by precise and detailed directions given by two instructors via microphones. Within the script, social, gender and power dynamics periodically shift. The participants gradually transform from executors of a task, to actors playing a role, who interpret, manipulate and at times diverge from the script. Borrowed Splendour is a key work in Ivanova’s practice, forging what would become her signature use of acute observation, instructional scripts and meticulously structured yet open-ended procedures.

Performed by Zhana Ivanova, Juliana Saiska and guests.

Courtesy: Collection Fonds de dotation Famille Moulin, Paris and Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam