YouYou Group (BE)


Youyou is the French word for what in Arabic is called Zaghareed, an ancient technique whereby women produce a high-pitched trembling voice by vibrating the throat or moving the tongue. Through this ‘ululation’ they can express intense emotions, such as joy or sorrow, loudly and powerfully. For years, the YouYou Group has been researching the impact of the youyou sound. Segen, their newest vocal work for four performers, has been developed as an invitation to listen to the acoustics of a place, as determined by architecture, urban histories and social life. How can a musical piece, by its very form and intention, simultaneously reveal and transform the space, as if it were a blessing in disguise?

Creation: YouYou Group – Performers: Anissa Rouas, Luiza Amghizar, Ann Lefever, Fatiha Settouti – Research: Anissa Rouas – Score: Myriam Van Imschoot – Production: Platform 0090, LiLiLi – Support: Darna-Express