Wannes Deneer (BE)


Wannes Deneer is a sound artist and scenographer who works on the boundaries between theatre, music, visual arts and sound. Combining kinetics, design and sound, he creates theatrical objects that materialise or visualise sound. With Pendulum, Deneer creates a contemplative rhythmic space out of recognisable objects. A fan swings on a rope and blows itself into motion. A sigh is amplified again and again; it sounds like a medical ventilator. The space is determined by repetition and duration, like heavenly bodies in their orbit. Pendulum is like the swell of the sea, a wave that goes on incessantly, like a clock ticking in a house at rest.

Creation: Wanner Deneer – Production: Tuning People – Support: detheatermaker , Scheld’apen, the Flemish Government