Stela Vasileva (BG)

Colourful Gravity / Structure of Light

Stela Vasileva is a Bulgarian visual artist who draws her inspiration from phenomenology. With Colourful Gravity she has developed a multisensorial environment through which she explores the phenomenon of ‘colour hearing’. Behind this concept lies the hypothesis that each musical tone corresponds to a colour from the visible light spectrum and has the ability to influence people’s psychological and emotional state. So, what would happen if we became sensorily immersed in a homogeneous audiovisual environment? Would that give us strength or confuse us? The piece, developed together with composer Milen Apostolov, creates exactly such an environment, in which sounds are visible and light is audible.

Structure of Light deconstructs one of the most important physical elements for our perception: light. By using mirrors, reflections and shadows, the Bulgarian visual artist Stela Vasileva experiments with light as a means of transforming and generating new forms in space. In this way, new volumes are created by (sun)light, unveiling new geometric structures and architectural patterns. With this series of illusory combinations that interact with our direct environment, she reminds us of the influence of our perceptions on our experience of reality itself.