Marc Vanrunxt & Peter Savel (BE/SK) / Peter Savel & Sasha Krastarska (SK/BG)

(based on a true story) #7 Presence / (based on a true story) #8 Absence

(based on a true story) is a format in which choreographer Marc Vanrunxt engages in an intense, creative encounter with another artist. The outcome of these short, week-long working sessions can vary greatly, but is always surprising and personal, due to the great freedom of the format. For The Image Generator, Marc will collaborate with Peter Savel, one of the choreographers associated with Kunst/Werk. In addition, Peter will continue to develop the output of this collaboration with the Bulgarian dancer Sasha Krastarska. As such, during the festival, two versions will be presented alternately: (based on a true story) #7 Presence with Peter Savel and (based on a true story) #8 Absence with Sasha Krastarska.

Idea & Choreography – Marc Vanrunxt
Choreography & Performance – Sasha Krastarska & Peter Savel
T-Shirts – World’s End by Vivienne Westwood (from the Kunst/Werk archive)
Flag – Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven
Production – Kunst/Werk
Coproduction – 0090
Many Thanks to Christian Bakalov